Partners and Affiliates

WIPSEN-Africa adopts a collaborative approach to its work and as a platform for professionalizing women peace and security in Africa engages other women-led, women-focused and/or gender-sensitive organizations in the implementation of its programmes, projects and activities.  WIPSEN-Africa's partnerships are on two levels: 1) Associates partners (referring to organizations that are based in the African Continent) and 2) Affiliates partners (referring to transnational (outside Africa) organizations and African women's groups in the Diaspora). WIPSEN-Africa's partnerships are drawn from a wide range of sectors including:

  • Community-based Organizations
  • Faith-based Associations
  • Young Women Associations
  • Disabled Women's Groups
  • Displaced Women's Groups
  • Non-governmental Organizations
  • Professional Bodies
  • Academic and Research Organizations and Associations
  • Security Sector
  • African Women in the Diaspora